Winter Glass (Piano Rock Band Performance!)

A few years ago I completed a collection of piano pieces called “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.”  The front runner of the collection was a piece called “Winter Glass,” which people repeatedly noticed and talked about, and which I also performed frequently at my shows.  In fact, the piece almost made it into an independent movie, and though that never came through I still see the potential for this little piece to do more things.  Last year a band I was playing with offered to play this song as a piano rock performance (or “rockified”), which up until then had only been done as a solo piano piece.  I was excited by the idea, and we did one performance of it which fortunately I recorded.

So when I had the chance a couple of months ago to do a show with my buddy Cory Norris, I decided it would be nice to try this song again with the piano rock band!    I realized it wasn’t recorded in the most perfect of conditions, but until I get a pro recording of this, it will have to do!  I hope you like it!

Performance credits:

Yours Truly (keyboard),
Cory Norris (guitar), Jake Jarzemkoski (uke-bass), Brad Bailey (drums).
Video footage by Andy Gomez.

Recorded on 8/10/13 in Sacramento, CA at the Rail Bridge Cellars Penthouse.

Learn more about “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.”



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2 responses to “Winter Glass (Piano Rock Band Performance!)”

  1. Goerge Avatar

    Great Perfomance, I truly enjoyed it.

    1. chris Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by, George.