When Composer-Pianist Chris Goslow was five years old, he sat on his dad’s knee at the synthesizer keyboard, inspired by how his dad freely improvised at the piano.

photo by Charr Crail

Soon Chris followed suit and started improvising on his own.  He dreamed of writing beautiful piano music.  Throughout high school and college, Chris devoted himself to playing the music of Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin.  Yet playing other people’s music—even the greats of previous centuries—was never quite enough. He felt compelled to create his own music. 

That is what he has done with his latest collection, “Jaguar Love Letter.”  The album reflects Chris’s extensive musical background and interests, drawing from many different genres, including classical, movie music, musical theater, new age, and even boogie woogie.

Chris’s previous album, “The Cherry Rainbow Piano Experience,” is a lyrical collection of musical delights brought to life by piano and flute.

Other released works include his eclectic collection of love songs, “I Love You,” and “Waterfall: Original Piano Music,” a collection of piano music meant to soothe and inspire.