Waterfall: Original Piano Music

Waterfall: Original Piano Music is a collection of musical poems with a classical yet contemporary sweetness. These pieces depict the pleasant romantic beauties and simple joys that inner peace and a state of love inspire. Each selection paints a distinct experience, just as a skilled photographer captures a variety of moments in the visual world. You will be soothed and delighted by this music, which is meant to inspire us to reawaken to the elegant moments that occur every single moment of our lives, like a constant waterfall of good energy flowing around us.

I listen to Waterfall every night when I go to sleep. It’s so soothing and I love hearing it!!!
–Jeannie S.

Listening to “Waterfall” was a total treat. On a nice day driving down the road the emotions coming from the piano really struck home. You get this good feeling that the pianist did this on purpose to make you feel appreciative and nostalgic… Clouds Gazing is a perfect song. It has a center piece that is charged with emotion. From the beginning of the record you feel a peace that emanates from the speakers into your soul… Even if you are not a piano fan you will enjoy this…. If you want to listen to peaceful piano, yet not boring, you’ve found it… It sucks you out of the fast pace of life and brings you down to earth for a few minutes… Winter Glass is a powerfully triumphant track…You are Loved is exactly that. You feel loved. You feel like there IS love in this world… This record definitely comes from a higher place.
–Michael Socarras, guitarist and guitar teacher

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The Music

Summer Rain
Throughout the summer are subtle reminders of the great mystery of nature, passing through our lives like a shower of summer rain, or a short-lived summer romance, that surprises us as it effortlessly unfolds and just as quickly disappears.

Cloud Gazing
Have you ever gazed up at the clouds, as you might gaze into your lover’s eyes, and wondered what they might think if they were gazing back at you? Our human form and strangeness reflected through the eyes of floating ice crystals.

The March of Rustling Leaves
Picture an energetic gust of autumn wind blowing a flock of fallen leaves rustling down the street, as they make their migration as instinctively and as naturally as birds flying south for the winter, or your lover driving off temporarily to return home. Divine intelligence is at work.

Winter Glass
Winter can chill with iciness, yet it also speaks to us with cold beauty. Like icicles that hang from our houses reflecting the light from our lives inside, or like a love we have found on the other side of the cold, the truth is underneath the winter glass.

Sunlight and Shadows
Shadow and light exist side by side in a perfect complementary relationship. Yet the two never actually meet, never actually join, and never actually occupy the same space at the same time, in a paradox beautifully conceived by the heavens.

You Are Loved
Know this truth in every brush of wind, every ray of sun, and every breath of air you take. It is timeless and eternal, and it never leaves your side. Ever. You Are Loved.

Waterfall (CD)