Category: My Performances

  • Music at Noon 2016: The most eclectic show ever? (LIVE VIDEO)

    By all accounts, last month’s Music at Noon show in Sacramento was a big success: the audience cheered, the show host, Brad, seemed very happy (He actually said our show was “the most diverse” show he had ever had there!), and I pulled off three challenging classical pieces as well as doing a bunch of…

  • Sing Joyfully for Christmas (Original Christmas Song)

    “Sing Joyfully for Christmas” is an original holiday carol I wrote a few months ago. I conceived of this as a straight-forward, fun, classic Christmas carol. In this recording, I sing it solo at the piano… yet I wrote the music for at least two voices, imagining a choir singing it. Maybe some day one…

  • Winter Glass (Piano Rock Band Performance!)

    A few years ago I completed a collection of piano pieces called “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.”  The front runner of the collection was a piece called “Winter Glass,” which people repeatedly noticed and talked about, and which I also performed frequently at my shows.  In fact, the piece almost made it into an independent movie,…

  • “Life’s Great Mysteries” (Original Cinematic Piano Music)

    This is a live performance of me playing a piece I wrote a little while ago. Live performance in Oakland, CA.

  • Live Performance of “Winter Glass” and “Summer Rain”!

    This is a video from a show I did last May for the Music at Noon (“M.A.N.”) concerts at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento, CA. Special thanks to Brad Slocum for his fine video work for this performance and for being the founder and organizer of this great Sacramento weekly event. More at