“Life’s Great Mysteries” (Original Cinematic Piano Music)

This is a live performance of me playing a piece I wrote a little while ago. Live performance in Oakland, CA.
As I was writing this piece, I was struck by a sort of mysterious cosmic quality to it, and so I hit upon the title “Life’s Great Mysteries.” It also reminded me of some epic movie film soundtracks.

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14 thoughts on ““Life’s Great Mysteries” (Original Cinematic Piano Music)”

  1. I like it very much, and yes it remind of some epic soundtrack from an old movie film. It is a lot of feelings in the music and it tells a story, it is drama, forgivnes, playfulness, joy and peace and I can see pictures in my minds eye, when I listen to the music. Believe it or not but the pictures are in black and white…  Now you know what I feel and experience when I listen to “Life’s Great Mysteries”. I do not see Halloween or horror in it….:)

  2. Very nice chris. Ya it does have a theatrical soundtrack element to it. But it doesn’t sound all dark; moments of hope n liveliness are plotted here n there throughout the piece. Keep writing music buddy. Wonderful ;

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