“Life’s Great Mysteries” (Original Cinematic Piano Music)

This is a live performance of me playing a piece I wrote a little while ago. Live performance in Oakland, CA.
As I was writing this piece, I was struck by a sort of mysterious cosmic quality to it, and so I hit upon the title “Life’s Great Mysteries.” It also reminded me of some epic movie film soundtracks.

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14 responses to ““Life’s Great Mysteries” (Original Cinematic Piano Music)”

  1. Jonas Avatar

    Love this! I want to make a short film.

    1. chris Avatar

      Lol, awesome. Sign me up

  2. Lord Lav Avatar

    Bloody amazing!!

    1. chris Avatar


  3. Greg Avatar

    Nice!! I love it.

    1. chris Avatar

      Thanks, Greg!

  4. lezlie Avatar

    This has Tim Burton written all over it!

    1. chris Avatar

      Lol, that’s awesome, Thanks Lezlie

  5. Kristina Strömberg Avatar
    Kristina Strömberg

    I like it very much, and yes it remind of some epic soundtrack from an old movie film. It is a lot of feelings in the music and it tells a story, it is drama, forgivnes, playfulness, joy and peace and I can see pictures in my minds eye, when I listen to the music. Believe it or not but the pictures are in black and white…  Now you know what I feel and experience when I listen to “Life’s Great Mysteries”. I do not see Halloween or horror in it….:)

    1. chris Avatar

      Very nice, Kristina, thanks.

  6. Billy Elliott Avatar
    Billy Elliott

    That’s a lovely piece of work, Chris.

    1. chris Avatar

      Thanks, Bill!

  7. matt hentschel Avatar
    matt hentschel

    Very nice chris. Ya it does have a theatrical soundtrack element to it. But it doesn’t sound all dark; moments of hope n liveliness are plotted here n there throughout the piece. Keep writing music buddy. Wonderful ;

    1. chris Avatar

      Thanks Matt, I will keep writing, thanks for the encouragement 😉