“Sweet at Home” (Original Piano Piece)

A few months ago I created a piano piece from a 30 second recording I improvised a couple years ago.
I wanted the piece to be personal and beautiful. I did my best to achieve it with “Sweet at Home.”
I performed “Sweet at Home” during my piano students’s piano recital last month.

I hope you enjoy.

Music at Noon 2016: The most eclectic show ever? (LIVE VIDEO)

Music at Noon 2016 show pic
Music at Noon, Feb 3, 2016 – Sacramento, CA

By all accounts, last month’s Music at Noon show in Sacramento was a big success:
the audience cheered, the show host, Brad, seemed very happy (He actually said
our show was “the most diverse” show he had ever had there!), and I pulled off
three challenging classical pieces as well as doing a bunch of original music
and even some standards, joined by singer Danielle Wachowski and flutist
Caleb Hathaway.

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My mom’s Southwest trip for her new novel “Spiral” (Watch video)

My mom, Margaret C. Murray, is a novelist. A few years back she published her first novel, “Sundagger.net,” a novel that alternately takes place both in modern day Silicon Valley and ancient Anasazi Native American times. Her new novel, “Spiral,” due to be released soon, is also set in the Ancient Anasazi world in the Four Corners area of the United States. Last year, my mom traveled to Colorado to research (and get inspiration) for her novel. In the past few weeks, I gathered pictures she had taken from her trip into a video slideshow. In addition, I composed a piece of music for the occasion. The result is the video below. I hope you enjoy it…


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Winter Glass (Piano Rock Band Performance!)

A few years ago I completed a collection of piano pieces called “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.”  The front runner of the collection was a piece called “Winter Glass,” which people repeatedly noticed and talked about, and which I also performed frequently at my shows.  In fact, the piece almost made it into an independent movie, and though that never came through I still see the potential for this little piece to do more things.  Last year a band I was playing with offered to play this song as a piano rock performance (or “rockified”), which up until then had only been done as a solo piano piece.  I was excited by the idea, and we did one performance of it which fortunately I recorded.

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“Up Close and Personal” — My New Piano Improvisation

Here is an improvisation I just did tonight.   I’ve been wanting to showcase my music in different ways, thought this might be a nice treat, something different.  The close up angle occurred out of trying to place the phone such that it could record the keys.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Recorded on my new Android phone and then uploaded to Youtube.