Music at Noon 2016: The most eclectic show ever? (LIVE VIDEO)

Music at Noon 2016 show pic
Music at Noon, Feb 3, 2016 – Sacramento, CA

By all accounts, last month’s Music at Noon show in Sacramento was a big success:
the audience cheered, the show host, Brad, seemed very happy (He actually said
our show was “the most diverse” show he had ever had there!), and I pulled off
three challenging classical pieces as well as doing a bunch of original music
and even some standards, joined by singer Danielle Wachowski and flutist
Caleb Hathaway.

That was all on the outside. But inwardly, during the days and weeks prior to it,
I admit that I was quite nervous (in fact, you might say “freaked out”)… about
playing the classical pieces mainly, which were quite ambitious and which
I only performed in public one times four days before… for an audience of about
eight people!
(See all three classical performances at the bottom of the page — let me know
how you think they turned out!)

At the risk of video overkill, I put up a bunch
of videos — practically the entire show (thanks to my wife Charr and to
Vanessa R. for video help!). You can: watch 30 seconds of each one; find the one
you most want to watch; watch the whole thing
ten times and shares with your friends; or whatever pleases you!
I do hope you like it 😉

“Whispers of a Lost Past” (Original Instrumental)

Here are flutist Caleb Hathaway and myself performing my original composition “Whispers of a Lost Past”:
(I loved doing this piece live, this is so far the first and only performance it has had)

“Here with You I’m Home” (Original Love Song)

Here is my performance of my original song “Here with You I’m Home”:
(And I think it came out pretty well! The vocal lessons are paying off!)

“Never Be Afraid to Fall in Love” (Original Love Song)

Here is me performing my original love-rap-piano song “Never Be Afraid to Fall in Love,”
also affectionately called “Pizza for Breakfast:”
(Without a doubt my wordiest song, and maybe my sweetest…)

“Sunday Kind of Love,” “Girl from Ipanema,” and “Come Rain or Come Shine”

Here are Danielle, Caleb, and myself performing 3 good-feeling standards
(Great job, Danielle! And me and Caleb hold up the accompaniment…)

CLASSICAL ALERT: Bach’s “Italian Concerto” (solo piano)

And here is me performing Bach’s Italian Concerto Movement 1:
(This is the piece I was the most nervous to perform, so I put it
near the beginning of the show to get it over with!)

Brahms’ “Rhapsody in Eb” (solo piano)

Here is my performance of Brahms’ Rhapsody in Eb (I decided
to leave my intro to this, because at that point I got up out
of my seat and showed the audience the classical book my
dad got me for Christmas when I was 15… and chose the
pieces for the concert from)

Beethoven’s “Rage over a Lost Penny” (solo piano)

This was the finale of the concert (I have loved Beethoven at least
since high school, I still consider him one of my primary musical



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8 responses to “Music at Noon 2016: The most eclectic show ever? (LIVE VIDEO)”

  1. raeleen navarro Avatar
    raeleen navarro

    Hi Chris,
    You did such a great job. I personally Love the 1st song Whispers of a past Love. I also loved the song Never be afraid to fall in Love. That was so cute, I Love the lyrics, You are such a wonderful performer.

    1. chris Avatar

      Hi Raeleen, I’m so glad you enjoyed those! I had a blast performing “Whispers” with Caleb, it was the first live performance of that music (not to mention my first time performing my music at all with a flutist). And of course it brings me joy that you liked the rap song… I appreciate the encouragement.

  2. Patricia Sosa Avatar
    Patricia Sosa

    I love your performance very much. Variety and what a sweet voice and original love songs. Thanks for sharing the link. Your music is amazing Chris!!

    1. chris Avatar

      Many thanks, Patricia! I’m glad you appreciate it, I’m glad I shared too… I was a little unsure about putting all the videos up at once, but then decided just go for it.

  3. Margaret Murray Avatar

    What a performance, what a show! Thank you for posting these videos; it’s a gift to experience it again. Chris Goslow is a master of music, both as a composer and performer in so many genres. Singer Danielle Wachowski and flutist Caleb Hathaway are the icing on the musical cake.

    1. chris Avatar

      Thank you!

  4. mary helen hough Avatar
    mary helen hough

    Chris, I watched and listened to all of your videos. You have so much passion when you perform. You and Caleb are a nice blend. Can’t believe it was the first time you played together. I enjoyed Here with You, I’m home. You can sing to me anytime. You are so creative and diversified in your music. You have so much talent and a joy. The 3 classical pieces you played were awesome. You didn’t look nervous playing Bach. I have to say that I loved when you played Beth oven at the end. You were so into it. That was a touching tribute you gave about the book your father gave you when you were 15. Both of your parent’s must have know from the very beginning that you were going to be a musical gem. I believe that was you Dad in the audience and I saw your Mum with a proud look on her face. Chris, you are such a handsome talented young man. Keep on writing and playing. You keep getting better and you keep growing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    1. chris Avatar

      Wow, Thanks Mary… sorry I took so long to get to this. For some reason, I didn’t see the notification about this comment in my email inbox. I appreciate your support and words of encouragement.