Recording my Piano Improvisations

They say a good woman is a great thing for a man, and I have to agree on so many levels. Among the many, many other great things my woman has done for me, one is to encourage me to record my piano improvisations. I remember how it started: Back when we were dating, I was sitting the keyboard at her place (now our place), and just making up music. She surprised me by saying, “You should record that!” This inspired me, and eventually that is what I did. Though these recordings are a bit raw in quality, they capture my musical thoughts, and that’s what I wanted to share with you:

1. “Improvising using Radio Head’s ‘Creep’ as a theme”
For this one, I had just returned from a show down the street in Sacramento, and I was very inspired by having talked to the lead singer of the band and just generally feeling inspired. It was probably about midnight by then, and I sat down at the piano, and this is what came out. Actually, I believe I improvised on this theme for several minutes before I thought to record it. Enjoy…

2. “Flight Piano Improvisation”
For this improvisation, I had just gotten home from seeing the Denzel Washington movie “Flight” with my wife. I was very inspired by the movie, and again sat down, and this is what came out…

3. “Tonight’s Piano Improvisation”
This was just last week. I was feeling a desire to express something. I attempted to make a straight post on Facebook, but it wasn’t really working, so I sat down and recorded this. I believe I promptly put this on Facebook, and I got a great comment from a friend saying she couldn’t believe I had improvised it. Thank you very much!