Privacy Policies

 This privacy policies page outlines the measures I take to ensure that your privacy is protected in accordance with all rules and regulations 🙂

The Information I May Collect From You:

I may collect the following information when you contact me by any means (phone, text, social media, email, etc):
—subscriptions you sign up for on this site
—orders you make on this site
—forms filled out by you
This info may include things like your name, e-mail, and address.  Note that currently I do not store your payment information, as this is processed through PayPal (as of 5/23/18).
When you visit this site, I automatically collect things like IP address, browser type, time zone, operating system, and information about your visit, such as what pages you clicked on.  (Honestly, I don’t generally do much with this, but sometimes, it can be useful.   For example, I look at the country visitors are coming from).

How I May Use Your Information:
—To reference our past conversations or to help you with your inquiries about my products and services.
—(If you are one of my newsletter subscribers) To provide you with information  I deem relevant for you in the form of new music releases, concerts (online and offline), and other events, as well as the occasional Happy Thanksgiving or Happy New Year Email 🙂  .

How I May Disclose Your Information:
Although I do not technically disclose your information, I do use a third party newsletter services (currently “Your Mailing List Provider” aka “YMLP”) to write and send my newsletters.  I do house your contact information on that site for use when I send out my newsletters.
— I have not nor do I plan to share your information with any other parties, except as mentioned above.

How I Store or Transfer Your Data:
As mentioned above, I use a third party newsletter service to store your data.  From time to time, I may transfer to a different third party service as the need arises.
I do everything I can to protect the privacy of your information.  Yet I do not think that even my wonderfully dextrous piano hands can fully guarantee the security of your data in every instance.  This is, after all, the Internet.  Please realize that online transmissions are made at your own risk.
Information I May Collect from Other Sources
It is possible that at some future date, I or the programs and services I use on this site,  may utilize other sites (such as Facebook or Twitter) to collect analytic information about you.   I don’t currently do this and am not sure why would, but for example, it might apply if I did some kind of sign-on Forum or user board that connected you to any of your social media accounts.  In the meantime, the information I collect about you is usually what you supply to me, or what I directly recall from our interactions (such as where we met, what show, the music you bought from me, etc).

How I Use Cookies:
To my knowledge (and admittedly imperfect knowledge at that), I do not currently use cookies on my site to track your information or identify you when you visit my site.  However, it is possible that I may use such things in the future.

Although some of my services and products may be enjoyed by children, this site is designed to be used by adults.  I never intend to collect information about children without parental consent and participation.

Your Rights:
At your request, you are entitled to request that I not store or process your personal data.
If you feel that there is something about how I handle your privacy that is inappropriate or otherwise not okay, please let me know (I beg of you!).  It is not my intention to do this, and I will surely rectify the situation right away!
If you are on my newsletter list, it is your job to keep your information up to to date.  You may do that by clicking the button for “Change Profile” at the bottom of my emails.
I will keep your information for as long as you are a subscriber to my newsletter.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

Third Party Websites
My website may have links to other website.  I do not accept responsibility or liability for the privacy policies of any other websites!

European Economic Area Users:
If you reside within the European Union, know that your data will be used by me here in the U.S. and strictly in accordance with the privacy policies outlined above.  I endeavor to comply with all regulations of the European Economic Area and the European Commission.

Future Changes:
I will post any future changes to my policies on this page.