I Love You

I Love You
“I Love You” (CD):

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One song wouldn’t do

So an album just for you

That is the inscription on I Love You, a concept album about love and relationships.   The eight songs represent eight important qualities of a relationship:

Gratitude, Compassion, Humility, Courage, Fun & Affection, Inspiration, Trust, and Devotion.


Read about each song below.  Where applicable, click on the link to listen to the song and view the lyrics.

The Songs:

Thank You Baby
Gratitude is a powerful thing.  This is for when those simple words are the only ones that will do.

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You Are Loved
Life is amazing. Yet sometimes we need a reminder that we are not alone, and that there is good around them looking out for us.


Tickled Pink
We all make mistakes. But sometimes you have to ask her back…


Fearless Heart

Have you ever felt lost or discouraged in the face of the challenges of life? Sometimes simply being alive is an accomplishment in itself, an act of courage to be acknowledged, oh Fearless Heart!


Snuggle Bunny
Ever had that special someone you love sharing your affection with? She goes by no other name: Snuggle Bunny!

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You’re My Lover So Come On Over

What is it that gives you inspiration?  What makes you feel passionate?  Sometimes passion and inspiration mix together.  The result is an experience that you want to have over again and again.

Our Love
Love can be a great teacher, requiring us to expand ourselves and learn to trust. And the rewards can defy all expectations.

Here with You I’m Home

What do we really need to be happy?  Perhaps it is not what we have been told we need.  Maybe it is as simple as having someone to share your life with, someone with whom you feel most at home with.  A simple but enduring love, like a simple but enduring song, could be all that is required.

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Get ‘I Love You’ digital download (mp3s)

About the Artists
At times fun and festive and at other times emotionally stirring, I Love You is as diverse as the list of guest music artists who contributed to the album. Read more about the artists of “I Love You.”