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What’s so transcendent about “Waterfall”? Click on the excerpts below to hear for yourself:

Waterfall Original Piano Music
Summer Rain
Cloud Gazing
The March of Rustling Leaves
Winter Glass
Sunlight and Shadows
You Are Loved

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Waterfall: Original Piano Music is a collection of musical poems with a classical yet contemporary sweetness. These pieces depict the pleasant romantic beauties and simple joys that inner peace and a state of love inspire. Each selection paints a distinct experience, just as a skilled photographer captures a variety of moments in the visual world. You will be soothed and delighted by this music, which is meant to inspire us to reawaken to the elegant moments that occur every moment of our lives, like a constant waterfall of good energy flowing around us.

“I listen to Waterfall every night when I go to sleep. It’s so soothing and I love hearing it!!!”

–Jeannie S.

“Listening to “Waterfall” was a total treat…From the beginning of the record you feel a peace that emanates from the speakers into your soul… Even if you are not a piano fan you will enjoy this..This record definitely comes from a higher place.”

–Michael Socarras, guitarist and guitar teacher

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