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Hello and Welcome! My name is Chris Goslow and I am so excited to be to share my latest collection of piano music, “Jaguar Love Letter,” nominated by Indie Shark Music Magazine for Album of the Year!

The music of “Jaguar Love Letter” started to emerge in 2018. The title track, “Jaguar Love Letter,” was inspired by a stunning jaguar art piece my wife created. “The Piano Electric!” started as a jazzy improvisation that people liked so much I transformed it into a full piece.  In “Morning Will Come,” I used two contrasting moods to depict faith that things will get better after a dark night of the soul.   The pathos-infused “Fallen Angel” was part of a score written for a production of  “Frankenstein” in 2019.   “Magenta Sunset” sat for several years unfinished because I thought it was too strange, yet when my family loved it I expanded it into a full piece a mere three weeks before recording.

“The new album from Chris Goslow is a very immersive listen that leads me to wonder what might be next for this talented composer and performer. All of the ground he covers in this record is impressive. ” 

– Indie Pulse Music

Inspiration hit me during the the Summer of 2021. After not performing in public for a year and a half, I knew this album needed to happen. On recording day I played on a beautiful piano in Berkeley, California aided by accomplished engineer Michael Rosen. My fingers raced over the keys as I played each piece. I nearly finished the album that day. By the end of the session I was satisfied.

“In this LP, Goslow breaks away from the conventional on an odyssey that is at times just too exciting to stay away from for long, and it’s certainly become one of my favorite new instrumental listens this month.” 

–The Hollywood Digest

Now I am proud and excited to share “Jaguar Love Letter,” a sixteen piece collection of original piano compositions.  I recorded it for YOU, because I want to offer you something that you will find refreshing, inspiring, soothing, captivating, and delightful. I want to give you something that you can enjoy in your home, in your car, or when you are relaxing.  Music can be incredibly healing and delightful.  May “Jaguar Love Letter” brighten your life!
With your purchase, you will get a digital download of the album. SPECIAL BONUS: I have also included a bonus track where I go through the entire album and talk to you about each track one-by one about how the piece came about and what I was trying to accomplish musically. I hope this will enhance your enjoyment of the album!

Get your digital copy of “Jaguar Love Letter” for only $14 (+ tax)!

Watch the “The Piano Electric!” video (excerpt), music from “Jaguar Love Letter”:

Watch the “Magenta Sunset” video (excerpt), music from “Jaguar Love Letter”:

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