“You Are Loved” (Music Video)

Sometimes there seems to be a magic in life where things just coalesce in amazing and beautiful ways. That is what happened with “You Are Loved,” my song that started as a piano piece and that now is a music video.

This song was conceived as a piano piece several years ago one (it is one of
the pieces from my album “Waterfall: Original Piano Music”) I wrote it for my wife in a moment of realizing how sometimes we feel cut off from love. The inspirational title, even though it was a piano piece at the time, communicated a powerful message. I did not know at the time that I would add lyrics to it several years later, and I also did not know that my wife would do the visual illustrations for the video. Now I see these developments as all part of life’s perfection.

As it happens, I was finishing up this video in the past few weeks, and after stewing in sadness for the past day and a half over the passing of Robin Williams, I decided that it seemed perfect to dedicate the video to him. It says so much more than I could think of saying otherwise. Robin Williams, You Are Loved!

This song is also for everyone who needs the reminder.

Special thanks to Larisa Bryski for her beautiful performance and to Charr Crail for the exquisite artwork:

“You Are Loved”
by Chris Goslow

I know at times
Life seems cold and unkind
On your own, it’s a struggle to bare
When the pain that you feel is so strange and so real,
How to heal? Is there no one who cares?

You are loved through and through
more than you will ever know
Let the good all around lift you up
you are loved, hear the truth
Even when you’re feeling low,
When it hurts, sing these words, you are loved.
It’s so hard to let go
of the things you think you know
about yourself, the mistakes you can’t out live
When the judgment is strong,
you’re so certain you’re wrong,
How can you ever learn to forgive?
Though the sadness, the madness,
can hurt to the bone
The beautiful truth is that you’re not alone

You Are Loved video pic

6 thoughts on ““You Are Loved” (Music Video)

  1. Hello Chris, How are you doing? I moved towards Vegas in a town called Parhrump Nv. about 45 mn from Vegas. (Desert).
    Your song is beautiful, everything about it, I love the girls voice, the pictures of the flowers, and the words. Your piano playing is excellent. Very nice.

    • Hi Raeleen:

      Thanks for the comment, great to hear from you. The singer is Larisa and she is great. She also played the piano for this one 🙂

  2. This composition is beautiful.  You are loved and a gift from heaven. Char is one lucky woman. Char ‘ s artwork amazes me. Love.

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