“When You’re With Me” – Original Love Song (Debut Performance!)

A couple of weeks ago I debuted a new song dedicated to my wife. I was at a voice recital put on by my voice teacher Larisa Bryski, and I surprised my wife with this love song right in front of everyone gathered at the Shine Cafe in Sacramento, CA. My wife had no idea what was coming, had never heard the song, didn’t know I wrote it much less was planning to present it… and fortunately, without me even asking her to, she got out her phone and filmed this recording (before she even knew what it was!). I also happened to record the audio of my performance, which I spliced together to share with you here so you can share in this moment of loving trickery.

This love song gets to the heart of the contentment one can feel in a great relationship. This is dedicated to my wife Charr. I Love you, sweets.

“When You’re With Me”
by Chris Goslow
Copyright 2013

When you’re with me
Why does it seem
All that I need is here?
How can it be
Now in my dreams
You’re all I see, my dear?

With only you I’m never lonely
As if it wasn’t you only
Somehow the whole world comes in and greets me
Everytime you meet me

What makes your love
All by itself
Plenty to satisfy me?
Gift from above
Needing none else
Having you here beside me
When you’re with me

When you’re with me
Why does your voice
Sound like a choir singing?
Even your whisper
Makes me rejoice
Stars in the sky are ringing

I thought I needed ever so much
Not knowing the sweetness of your touch
But now I see that it is enough
Honey, you fill me up

What is this magic
When we embrace?
There is nothing missing
As if the family
The whole human race
Gathers together listening
When you’re with me

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