“We Are Unbreakable” – (video) the Rap song that Rocks!

A couple of years ago I had the fortune of being involved in a CD project with 9 other professional musicians from around the world. The end result was “Eclipse: A International Collection of Artists.” For this project I co-wrote a song with my good friend and collaborator Josh Wolfer. The end result was “We Are Unbreakable,” my first rock-rap song and a song that truly rocks in my opinion thanks to Josh Wolfer’s excellent production.

“We Are Unbreakable”
by Chris Goslow and Josh Wolfer

What am I pushing against? Nothing but wood on this fence. I’m gonna be looking my best, and enjoying myself as each struggle dissolves in the mist, ‘cuz there’s nothing that love and God cannot fix. Dropping the thought that problems exist, not getting caught in that swamp, that quicksand is not for CWiggz! I’m a fit man, can out run any lunatic lost in the grips of his own shit, the hobblin’ goblin who stops young, quits on himself, he sits on the sidelines, takes pot shots from the bench, though he thinks he’s so hot in his head. Well, I’m gonna put a stop to this mess, it’s not gonna pass. Had enough of distress. I am not willing to go wallow in pits, so I’m choosing these riches, that squalor can get!

We are, we are unbreakable! We’ll break these chains and cross the lines we’ve made. We are, we are unbreakable. Create a new way so we can say, We Are All Unbreakable!

What’s the point of all this self-aggrandizement? Can you tell that I like it? It’s healthy to like yourself. In fact, I’d advise it. Don’t be cut off from the help that’s inside. Don’t be living the hell in your life. That was me for awhile, until I said “I quit being miserable.” Always feeling just like shit, a yellow belly keeping my head unhealthy with silence. I’d rather be too loud, too proud with a rude mouth than hide it. That’s what I did, I mastered disguises, disguising the truth, this mask, I despised it. Living a lie hurts when you can’t recognize it. This is your chance to end the crisis. Taking that path, shaking the sadness, replacing the madness with passionate, healthy aliveness.


I’ve been pushing against myself, just to find where I went wrong. Now I’ve found the ground within, and I’m free…
Come with me and you will find, the hand you’re dealt is in your mind. You’re not alone, my dearest friend, we’ll see this to the end…
We’re not just singing a song, we’re making a promise.
A reminder, so take it from Tom Hess!
Inside you is a titan, genius, master, who can break through any plaster, take down walls faster. Don’t play small, play bold!
Run straight to your goal. Let your fate take hold. You’ve got the strength to pull the weight, it ain’t too late to take the bull by the horns. Ain’t it cool to know this is in you? You’re unbreakable. Remember cuz it’s true…


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