That’s the Power of Love: The Music of My Relationship

A little over six years ago, I met a sweet and lovely woman who also happened to be artistically brilliant.  I quickly realized that in her I had found just about the most wonderful person I had ever met!   We barely started dating and already there was a feeling about our togetherness that I could not remember having experienced before.  It was lovely, it was satisfying, and I had a complete sense of peace and contentment that was new to me.


Over the following months, this feeling was confirmed again and again, and soon I found a word for it:  LOVE.   To be honest, at first I was frightened by this word, since I had grown up with so many mixed messages by it, by what it meant, and by what I thought I would have to sacrifice in order to keep it.  Nonetheless, I hung in there with this woman, and how could I not?  She was so sweet and easy to be with, so loving in return, and so accepting of me that over time I grew more trusting of her but most of all more trusting of myself in this relationship.  Eventually, we got married… in fact, two years ago on this day, February 11.  To this day I have the sense of contentment that continually validates this unexpected direction my life has taken.

From the very beginning, creativity and art connected us.   Within a few months of us meeting, at her suggestion I started writing some piano music which eventually became my first album, “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.” At the same time, I was inspired to start writing music for her for her birthday, a tradition which formed a basis for much of the music I Love You. In fact, the music I have written has poetically and subjectively (if not literally!) chronicled the journey of the last six years. I am truly proud to have been in the position to write this music, and I am extremely grateful to my beautiful and amazing muse who inspired it.

What follows are several examples of the creativity that has resulted on my end from our relationship. Charr, you have been my muse from the very beginning.  Thank You Baby!

1. Snuggle Bunny (Official Music Video)

This fun and whimsical gem was originally a birthday present for Charr several years before we were married. Last year, I had the privilege of working with Sacramento film director Matt Baker to create this video, with the help of dozens of awesome dancing extras! Read more about the making of the video

2. Here with You I’m Home (Studio Recording)

This song was a birthday present for my wife our first year of being married. I surprised her with a recording of this song as well as the seven other songs which became “I Love You.” Featuring the beautiful playing of gypsy jazz guitarist and good friend Dario Napoli.

3. Thank You Baby (Official Music Video)

This song was yet another birthday present for Charr. I wrote and recorded the first version of it in about 8 hours of non-stop work in San Francisco at my dad’s place. Eventually I re-recorded it as part of the collection for “I Love You.” My good friend Allan Samson aka The Next Level, who features on this song and video, directed and shot this video.

4. Winter Glass/Summer Rain (Live Performance)

I wrote these two piano pieces the first year I met Charr. At the time, she asked me if I would write some piano music for her photography slideshows. These two pieces resulted one after the other, and I have since performed them hundreds of times at piano shows.  To me, they are musical siblings,  comprising the heart of my album “Waterfall: Original Piano Music.” This recording was taken from my first performance at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento, May of 2012. Special thanks to Brad Slocum of Westmisnter Presbyterian for the video.

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