The Philosophy of Rapera: Now is the time!

What would you do if you knew your life and entire planet’s existence was in imminent danger? What would you do if you knew you were the only one who could save it?

That’s the question I pose in my new work “Rapera,” which
I composed as a response to the situation I see in the world, in which it is widely believed that human actions threaten the sustainability of our planet. I really believe that what I’m writing is not only a fun work, but a statement of something very important that everyone should be thinking about: that now is the time for humanity to work together.

Rapera is a sort of fairy tale, or a parable, in which a youth travels to the Gods to get help for humanity and to save Earth, but instead he is given an ultimatum: that humanity is given one more chance to redeem itself or else the Earth will be destroyed. In a heroic act, the youth calls a global press conference back on Earth in which he gives word of the Gods’ ultimatum. The youth’s message is greeted by the public with skepticism and hostility, which threatens to turn to outright violence. In a moment of divine intervention, the Gods themselves appear, confirming the youth’s message and announcing that humans have ten months to learn to work together or else face the most dire of consequences: the annihilation of Earth by a giant earthquake. The scene ends with a dramatic promise of unity from the human leaders, leaving us to wonder… will it be enough???

Did you know?
Rapera is a musical work that features both operatic singing and rapping, hence the name, “rap + opera = “rapera.”

Rapera is loosely inspired by Superman, gangster rap, broadway musicals, classical opera, and Greek tragedy. It features an appearance by a woman president, and also quotes music from a certain famous composer’s choral ninth symphony.

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