“Thank You Baby” (featuring The Next Level) – OFFICIAL VIDEO!

“Thank You Baby”

by Chris Goslow

from I Love You

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Thank You, Baby, for your love and your kindness

Chris knows what love is cuz you remind Chris

Before I could not see the trouble with blindness

is it blinds

Lucky your guidance has taught me sight

And I’m not gonna hide this

However wonderfully right it is when you and I kiss

You’re the angel who brings me bagelsWhatever I like,

you’re there it’s true I got quite a bias

cuz I cherish you, this is rare to view

nothing compares to what we share, snookie

You are a shining star, you guide me at night

When it’s hard to see you provide me with light

God gave me sight so I could see truly

All I see with you is beauty, cutie

The haze is gone, through your gaze I’m good,

so I play this song,  I was made to fall (for you…)


Thank you, Baby

You’re a precious cutie pie

Have I said to you lately

That I want to thank you, thank you, thank you?

(Well, Have I?)


Sometimes what was good goes bad

What made ya happy before just makes ya so mad

A shiny rock could be worthless I know that

You and me struck gold, this is no fad

Our embrace is a long and slow dance

They have a name for it, they call it romance

It won’t just pass, what we have’s formed to last

this wandering nomad is settling in fast

from his gonads to his brains to his heart

Tell your dad I ain’t gonna part

I knew it almost  from the start this is our chance

You and I create art when we hold hands

Gonna show that, want you to know that

I’m your man, from the morning ‘till the night time

this might be the right time to say that you’re the woman of a lifetime, won’t you be mine?




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