Something Has Happened to Me (Maybe It’s Christmas)

This is the new recording of my Christmas song “Something Has Happened to Me
(Maybe It’s Christmas).” I wrote this good feeling number back in 2008, but I
knew that I wanted to redo it when the time came. I determined to get it done
for this Christmas, but it wasn’t easy. I suppose after waiting six years, I
felt the pressure to make the recording as great as possible. When I heard this
version a few nights ago I was ecstatic. To me, this version captures the fun,
family spirit of the song… I hope it warms your heart and brightens your
Holiday Season.

“Something Has Happened to Me (Maybe It’s Christmas)”
by Chris Goslow

In Summertime, when the living is easy
I’m thinking about Winter and the feeling it leaves me
Spending the evening with my nearest and dearest
The music of togetherness I hear it the clearest
Warm with the fire and kissing my wife
We’re all gathered ‘round the table in blissful delight
Mom, Emilia, Sophie, and sis on the right
Dad, Catherine, David, Jonas, this is the life
Eating turkey with stuffing, cherishing the loving
from the family, it’s just what I like
I’m on a sleigh ride, let me tell you why I vibe
Don’t you know it’s Christmas time!

Something has happened to me
I can’t explain it
Filled with magic and glee
Oh can you name it
Wondering what it could be
Or maybe it’s

Looking for a tree or hanging up a wreath
How about a cup of egg nog before you leave?
The joy it brought me of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
on Christmas Eve!
The magic of Christmas dancing inside my brain
So I wanted to give it away
Until the other day guess who came on his sleigh
But Santa, and this is what he had to say
“Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas CWiggz!
I hope you’ll reach out and sing for these kids.”
And I said, “oh Santa, you know that it’s a pleasure
Christmas is a time for all of us to treasure…”


You’re on my gift lift
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas (x4)


mixed by Josh Wolfer

“Something Has Happened to Me (Maybe It’s Christmas)” photo by Charr Crail, 2014

6 thoughts on “Something Has Happened to Me (Maybe It’s Christmas)

  1. What a wonderful Christmas song! So engaging, so totally new and yet, full of the nostalgia of the season. When I hear it, I can’t stop smiling. The chorus keeps repeating in my head; I think I dreamed it too!

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