“Snuggle Bunny” (featuring Lord Lav)

From I Love You by Chris Goslow
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Ever had that special someone you love sharing your affection with? She goes by no
other name…

“Snuggle Bunny”
(Everybody move to the beat/ here’s a little treat, so sweet)
C’mon, put those palms together!
For the greatest photographic artist ever!

Charr Crail, great gal, you’re my lover,
liked last year’s gift, well here’s another!

sugar sweet to the core,
baby, I don’t even have to say the words any more
Cuz the fact is you’re the girl I adore
You’re my pearl, what for did I act so poor?
Like an idiot about to fly
That wasn’t me that was another guy
I’ll admit it, my brain went bye-bye for a time
but now i’m in my right mind, because she’s my

She’s my Snuggle Bunny
She’s so cute and soft and she’s sweet
(c’mon snuggle, baby snuggle)
And my honey loves me
So come and snuggle with me
(who’s my cuddle bunny, come and love me)

Yes, I’ve learned so much in a year
From getting jumpy and acting weird
The bottom line? I’m touched by ya dear
And I’m not gonna budge, and I’m not gonna clear
Baby, leave a smudge on my cheek and it glows
And we hug when me meet hold a warm pose
I’m into those. Bump in the heat with the door closed
Think anybody on the street knows?
Hey, come into my arms, I’ll say
You’re the greatest chick in the farm
And I’m stating this for the books cuz I’m glad
Thankful, taking all the good with the bad
Cuz that’s what you do when you say
We’re okay, I’m gonna stay
C’mon babe, come my way
let’s go and play it’s your birthday


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Special Thanks:
vocals: Martin “Lord Lav” Lavender www.lordlav.com
drums: Robert Kennedy
mixing/mastering: Josh Wolfer www.bigdumbmonkey.com