“Our Love” (featuring Amber Lee Baker) Love Song with a Rap Twist


From I Love You by Chris Goslow
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“Our Love”

by Chris Goslow  (from my forthcoming album “I Love You”)

(You teach me about about love. You teach me about life. And every single day Iʼm grateful for it.
But it wasnʼt always easy to reach me. Iʼm just glad that you did, because it made everything else possible.)


Before us it was not about trust,

dating was a game I played just to satisfy lust,

compensate for disappointing pains of the past,

had a good time but this phase wouldnʼt last

It may have been a blast, but I never got close

smelling all the flowers, never held a true rose.

but with you, though it was suddenly evident

that nothing had ever been so fun, what a breath of fresh

air. A new game, it was something

in you when you came along, strange, and I jumped in,

cuz i knew with you it was okay to open up, different

than with any other girl Iʼd ever hooked up with

Love no more like an alien abduction

Relationship and freedom at the same time? What a big

change, magic so great that I bucked the old

trend, glad I let myself trust this because



Our love

is more love

than I ever knew before, Love

And Iʼm gonna show my love

each day Iʼm more in love

So I thank the Lord above

For Our Love



Now I was the cool guy who couldnʼt be fooled by

A situation with a girl becoming a full-time

thing, or at least, thatʼs what I thought

Until I met you, and found love was not

a burden but a bliss, behind the curtain was a kiss

This mystery I was so certain to resist

for so long  thinking Iʼd go wrong was no longer a threat,

had my coat on as a guest


in some elseʼs house, but I took it off at last

Any past pain I tore it off the list

when you came in the mix, I opened to the bliss,

And now you and I have grown our love nest,

born of respect, and I know what is meant

by love songs suggesting how wonderful love is

yes! no more alone. and you bet

I look forward to whatʼs next. After all



(I thank the lord above

youʼre the lady for me)



Baby you got me, darling

Iʼm grateful, what we gotʼs always

amazing, our love is starting to

claim me,  ( itʼs okay cause)

Baby you got me darling,

You change me, your trust is awesome and

Lately, our love has started to

claim me  (itʼs okay because)


I will never know what you did to become

The sweetest woman ever conceived in the kingdom

you are my sweet one, my sweet, sweet beauty,

and I breathe newly, so I keep choosing

to take the risk, and life keeps assuming

a face of bliss, your smiles keep moving me,

your eyes keep losing me, and life seems new to me in

this relationship, so Iʼm saying yes

youʼre the rare bird so cherishable

that Iʼll climb any tree to stare and behold

your feathered fairy beauty, fair and so full,

Iʼll be there for you, honey, wherever you go,

the old me has just been thrown in the dust bin

whoever that was then, a distant cousin,

or maybe some friend, to be clear

you are now looking at your future husband! Then again…


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Special thanks:

Amber Lee Baker – vocals (www.amberleeandtheanamolies.com)
Josh Wolfer – mixing (www.bigdumbmonkey.com)
Rob Kennedy – drums

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