“My Thing of Beauty” (Original Love Song)

“My Thing of Beauty” is new love song I wrote.  Though I wrote this originally for my wife, I think it speaks to the need for us to recognize the beauty and worth of each other, and how in a great loving relationship we can be that for each other.  It also speaks to my inner romantic, and the desire to let my woman know what she means to me. The theme of this song reminds me of songs such as Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” and Bruno Mars’ song of the same name.

Because sometimes you need a reminder of how wonderful you are…

As always, thank you for watching my videos and listening to my music. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed writing it:

My Thing of Beauty (lyrics)

Does she know that magic shines on her face?
Joy is all around her
Something transcendent, more than time and space
I’m so glad I found her
Can she see the light that flickers from her eyes?
Comes as no surprise

Grateful for the loving she imparts
Easy to adore her
I’m the lucky man, the joining of our hearts
Writing love songs for her
Can she see what I see? Bright angelic glow
Will she ever know?
Peace and Joy flow through me,
My thing of beauty

Contentment without end
Lover and best friend
My thing of beauty

When I think of all the wonder in the world,
that is where our love is
Silver, gold, and lightning, waterfall and pearl,
nothing else above this
For all that she has given, how can I repay?
She showed me the way

Doing what I can each day to remind, this is what I owe her
Don’t know if she gets it maybe she is blind, do my best to show her
Even when I tell her does she understand?
Still I’ll lend a hand
Do my sweetest duty, my thing of beauty

Each flower, each kiss
Hoping you don’t miss
My thing of beauty

So easy to take yourself for granted
Though beautiful and enchanted
And yet
I won’t let you forget

Knowing that I love her like nobody else
Does she know herself?
Can she see it truly? My thing of beauty

Love always knows love
You’re what I’m sure of
My thing of beauty

And even if she never understands the words,
still I sing to her
All this you mean to me
You are My thing of beauty

First draft of lyrics for “My Thing of Beauty”:

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