“Punchline King” – Piano Hip Hop Video

So I keep realizing how important it is to just keep creating and sharing what I got going on.  Today I made this quick video (with a little camera work from my wife) of me performing a verse I wrote called “Punchline King.”  This is actually one verse of a 3 verse song that I have been working on, which is intended to be about the lyrics and the piano playing, plus ultimately probably drums/bass.  This is it in its current form.  Hope you like:



“Punchline King”

i’m getting hungry to write a punchline,
i feel it in my belly, the need to bust rhymes
Satisfy the hunger I got deep in my gut, I’m
ready to eat up, yeah, cuz it’s lunchtime
I’m making rich moves, with this pad and pen
that put dollars and cents into my bag again,
Getting more offerings than the Vatican,
fill out this deposit slip, I’m cashing in.
I’m the glass slipper you’d like to get to
but you ain’t cinderella, so I don’t fit you
Snow in the road makes the ride home tricky
Make you wear chains cuz I’m so slick, b
Long-term relationship, this ain’t no fling,
Birds stop to listen whenever I sing,
Give me a crown, a throne, a robe, a ring,
And do as I say, cuz I’m the King

“Punchline King”

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