Life’s About a Dream (original song written with Allan “The Next Level” Samson)

Several years back I first met Allan Samson aka “The Next Level” at Chabot College in Hayward, CA. We hit it off right away, especially after one day when he brought his keyboard to the college and I ended up creating the beat for this song right then and there, and we wrote the words and recorded it soon after.

This is a song about following to your dreams. I still remember the rush of excitement I felt while hanging out at Allan’s place when I wrote the first verse:

“Life’s About a Dream” (my first verse)

I will never stop ’till the day that I day
Keep the brightest focus never gray in the mind
I don’t drop a minute not afraid of the ride
‘Till the grave I play the greatest day of my life
Staying in stride, I’m great when I strive
Nothing’s ever perfect but I’ll take to this line
Like a grave digger digging all the way to the mines
Down deep to the fire where my nature can shine
Send me through the forest of no blame or regrets
Switch from “no” to “yes”, cuz it’s time to go you bet
Blow this joint, I’m proud and so intent
Grateful to be here, people, let’s blow a dent
I’m a fast talking, cash watching, mad rocking, lad hawking
rad songs all over this planet on ye
Someone like me to keep things interesting
From me to you boys my mission to sing

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