“Life is Beautiful” – Original Verse (LIVE)

This is a verse I performed for my good buddy Allan Samson aka “The Next Level” at my interview with him last month. I think this is a powerful verse with a positive message. Note: I did not do the beat, it was on at the radio station. If you know what it is, please let me know and I will amend this post. 😉

(performed on the Next Level TV in Hayward, CA 8/4/13)

“Life is Beautiful”
by Chris Goslow

I wake up in the morning, know exactly who I am
In the beauty of the music I get lost inside this jam
I will never get in my own way again
When I See myself in the mirror now I see a man
I won’t ever drop this stick that has been handed to me
It is/ my turn to talk and say exactly what I see
So Listen to my message , you do not have to agree
but I/ will make a difference, as I’m passing on this glee
Life is beautiful/ there is no more reason to grieve
Things are/ not as bad as you sometime might perceive
the world is open for you and we’re holding out our hands
you get a standing ovation from up and down the stands
so / let your heart expand, let yourself rejoice
you got a choice, it is time to raise your voice
it may not all be sorted, but keep following your course
don’t be disappointed, you are honoring your source
and what’s in store, moving forward, claiming what is yours,
regaining all your force, and banging down all the doors,
no reason to be closed, man, laid in earth and frozen
lost in all your woes, now is the time to open
pain got you a little off track,
but that is all gone now, now you’re all back
Sing to the skies and re-energize
and rise and open up your eyes, don’t you realize that

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