Fun Times at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival (& “Snuggle Bunny” Video Premiere!)

CG at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, 2013
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Last weekend I had the fortune and privilege of spending three evenings at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento.
This was incredibly fun for me for several reasons. First of all, I love film, and I love going to film festivals. I have been to film festivals in San Francisco and Nevada City in the past, and loved the immersive experience of being saturated in watching new films for a day or two or three.



Photo of "Snuggle Bunny" video on screen, Sept 14, 2013.  Crest Theater, Sacramento
Photo of “Snuggle Bunny” video on screen, Sept 14, 2013. Crest Theater, Sacramento 

Film has always been a huge inspiration for me, and this weekend took the inspiration up a notch with the premiere of my music video “Snuggle Bunny.” This sweetened the deal considerably, as this was my first music video launched at a film festival (not to mention, the first time I participated in one!). I particularly enjoyed sitting in the theater during the screening of twenty-one different music videos that were made for the occasion. Not only did I love watching my video, but I also enjoyed a bunch of the other artists’ projects.






Other aspects of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival that I particularly enjoyed was watching the 10×10 (said “ten by ten”) Films on Sunday night. These were films that had to be ten minutes long and be made in ten days. “Snuggle Bunny” director Matt Baker excelled “Ten Hours,” his funny tale of a homeless man becoming an alien race’s salvation:


On Friday night I got to the see the Poe Project films, ie films inspired by a story or poem by Edgar Allen Poe. I almost participated in this program myself, but the film I was helping someone with never ended up being made. There were some real stand out films, the ones I most liked were “Ligeia” (directed by Paul Kramer and the overall winner),  “Annabel Lee”  directed by Dave Ridgway, and “a dream within a dream” directed by Andrew Blankenship.  You can watch these films by clicking on the links below:


Annabel Lee

a dream within a dream

In the festival as a whole, I was deeply inspired just being around so many creative people, from directors, to actors and composers, and to be in a space dedicated to the screening of new creative work.   I can’t wait until next year’s Sacramento Film and Music Festival!

Stay tuned for the launch of the Snuggle Bunny video online!

Charr and myself with “Snuggle Bunny” director Matt Baker and his wife Mary at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. September 14th, 2013

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