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1) Download your copy of “Flower Child” FREE right here: [purchase_link id=”1822″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”Your Flower Child Fan Copy”] (By downloading my song you are agreeing to be added to my mailing list. Note: I will not share your information with anyone.)


2) Grab a loved one or two (human or otherwise…cats, dogs, gerbils are fine too), use your cell phone, and video record yourself enjoying the song Flower Child (30 seconds or less please- see below for more guidelines).

3) Upload your video onto your Youtube page, or to a storage service such as Dropbox.

4) Email the link to your video to NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH, 2015.

Copy and paste the following text to the email, and answer each question:
Your name:
Your email:
Your phone #:
Are you: singing? or no singing?

(Your information won’t be shared. This is in case your footage is selected for the video and we need to contact you).


The following are great for the “Flower Child” fan video:

You alone or you with anyone you want— your GF, BF, BFF, wife, husband, kids, dogs and cats, grandparents, cousins, family tree… the more the merrier— singing, dancing, hugging, having a rollicking fun time while listening to the song Flower Child by Chris Goslow. Note: The footage doesn’t HAVE to contain the actual music to the song unless you are singing along. It is quite likely that the sound will be removed from the footage.

We are looking for fan footage appropriate for this upbeat love song: hugging or smiling with friends, family, your child or children, or you boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. Footage can include flowers, nice activities, or things or places you enjoy.

Recommended video length— 10-30 seconds Maximum.

iPhone, phone camera, or computer camera footage is FINE. Keep it simple and fun!

I am excited to see your footage!

Please note that by sending you the footage for use in the Flower Child Video:
—Chris Goslow has permission to use your footage now or in the future for marketing purposes.
—Chris Goslow has permission to edit or alter your video for use in this video or in any future videos in any way deemed suitable.

Flower Child

Brothers on Stage! Me and my Bro Performing (Live VIDEO)

Last month my brother, Jonas Goslow, performed with me onstage for an event in Rocklin, Ca. This was significant because although we are both professional performers and ALWAYS play music at home when we get together, we had NEVER performed together onstage since grade school (!) (That is, with the exception of some impromptu performances we did while traveling in South Africa, England, and Ireland in 2011).

Chris Goslow and band April 12 2014
The band (left to right) Damian Chambers (drums), Michael Falsetto (guitar), Chris Goslow (vox/keys), Jonas Goslow (vox). Photo by Charr Crail. 4/12/14 Rocklin, CA

My brother is also a fantastic songwriter in his own right (visit his website) and a great singer (he performs the

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“Punchline King” – Piano Hip Hop Video

So I keep realizing how important it is to just keep creating and sharing what I got going on.  Today I made this quick video (with a little camera work from my wife) of me performing a verse I wrote called “Punchline King.”  This is actually one verse of a 3 verse song that I have been working on, which is intended to be about the lyrics and the piano playing, plus ultimately probably drums/bass.  This is it in its current form.  Hope you like:



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“Snuggle Bunny” featuring Lord Lav (Official Video)



Here it is!  The official “Snuggle Bunny” music video,  directed by Matt Baker and featuring the vocal stylings of myself and Lord Lav, the talented UK-based hop hop artist who here has been transformed into a 3-d animated puppet rabbit! Perfect for the occasion, I’d say. The video also features

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“Life is Beautiful” – Original Verse (LIVE)

This is a verse I performed for my good buddy Allan Samson aka “The Next Level” at my interview with him last month. I think this is a powerful verse with a positive message. Note: I did not do the beat, it was on at the radio station. If you know what it is, please let me know and I will amend this post. 😉

(performed on the Next Level TV in Hayward, CA 8/4/13)

“Life is Beautiful”
by Chris Goslow

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Writings Your English Teacher Would Never Approve Of: The Rap Side of My Music (Listen!)

My life has taken many unexpected turns. I never expected I would release an album of love songs (see I Love You), and honestly, I never expected I would be into rap. In fact, as a child, I didn’t think I liked rap, except perhaps for MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” which I thought was really cool,

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