Writings Your English Teacher Would Never Approve Of: The Rap Side of My Music (Listen!)

My life has taken many unexpected turns. I never expected I would release an album of love songs (see I Love You), and honestly, I never expected I would be into rap. In fact, as a child, I didn’t think I liked rap, except perhaps for MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” which I thought was really cool, Continue reading

“Up Close and Personal” — My New Piano Improvisation

Here is an improvisation I just did tonight.   I’ve been wanting to showcase my music in different ways, thought this might be a nice treat, something different.  The close up angle occurred out of trying to place the phone such that it could record the keys.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Recorded on my new Android phone and then uploaded to Youtube.


Back to My Bay Area Roots: Hanging in the East Bay with “The Next Level”

A couple of days ago I went back to the Bay Area, CA, where I lived most of my life before coming to Sacramento. During this visit I hung out with my good friend and fellow artist Allan Samson aka “The Next Level.” “The Next Level” is just about the most energetic and lively person I have ever known. He also is a real powerhouse of constant enthusiasm to work on music, as well as a force to be reckoned with in the Bay Area independent music scene. In addition to shooting for a new music video, I visited his radio show “The Next Level Radio” at KCRH Radio in Hayward, where we did an interview and also had fun shooting some impromptu videos. In usual The Next Level fashion, within 24 hours nine (!) new videos appeared on The Next Level’s youtube channel. Here are some of them for you to enjoy:

Interview (Part 1) on “The Next Level Radio” 7/28/13
During this excerpt I talk about meeting and collaborating with Allan Samson aka “The Next Level,”  and the origin of my album “I Love You:”

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“Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV Show!

Me performing “Snuggle Bunny” LIVE in the KCRH Radio Booth, 7/28/13
Ever spontaneous, “The Next Level” is ALWAYS ready to go when it comes to music, and he brings everyone he meets along for the ride. Spontaneous performances during his radio show is not an uncommon thing for his guests, and I have done it several times myself, including here:

More: Watch videos from my interview on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13
Watch “Our Love” live on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13

Special thanks to “The Next Level”
Visit “The Next Level TV” Website

“Our Love” LIVE on The Next Level TV Show!

Me performing “Our Love” LIVE in the KCRH Radio Booth, 7/28/13
Another spontaneous performance! With The Next Level, it’s always go time… and here it was again, the third of three songs I performed right there during my recent interview on “The Next Level Radio Show” in Hayward, CA:

More: Watch videos from my interview on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13
Watch “Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV, 7/28/13

Special thanks to “The Next Level”
Visit “The Next Level TV” website

“Snuggle Bunny” Video Shoot – A Total Success!

Wow, what a week! The “Snuggle Bunny” video shoots this past Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were awesome. Between two days and two different locations we had dozens of extras show up to participate! I was completely blown away by the response, and I had a fabulous time with everyone. A huge thanks goes out to director Matt Baker of Baker Animation Online for taking on this project. I’d also like to give a special thanks to all the wonderful people who helped make this event a success. You know who you are!

Below are a few pictures from the shoots:


Matthew Baker holds up the camera as I perform “Snuggle Bunny” and our wonderful extras party along at the Tower Theater in Roseville, CA July 14, 2013. Pic taken by Charr Crail. Charr writes more about this experience at her blog.
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It Takes a Village: The Musical Guests of “I Love You”

I Love You


To date, some of my best recording experiences have been collaborations. In fact, prior to recording I Love You, I helped lead two different music compilation album projects. The first was a compilation done in San Francisco with over twenty music artists from the Hotel Utah, a popular open mic and center of San Francisco’s singer-songwriter community. Continue reading

“We Are Unbreakable” – (video) the Rap song that Rocks!

A couple of years ago I had the fortune of being involved in a CD project with 9 other professional musicians from around the world. The end result was “Eclipse: A International Collection of Artists.” For this project I co-wrote a song with my good friend and collaborator Josh Wolfer. The end result was “We Are Unbreakable,” my first rock-rap song and a song that truly rocks in my opinion thanks to Josh Wolfer’s excellent production.

“We Are Unbreakable”
by Chris Goslow and Josh Wolfer

What am I pushing against? Nothing but wood on this fence. Continue reading