“Up Close and Personal” — My New Piano Improvisation

Here is an improvisation I just did tonight.   I’ve been wanting to showcase my music in different ways, thought this might be a nice treat, something different.  The close up angle occurred out of trying to place the phone such that it could record the keys.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Recorded on my new Android phone and then uploaded to Youtube.


“Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV Show!

Me performing “Snuggle Bunny” LIVE in the KCRH Radio Booth, 7/28/13
Ever spontaneous, “The Next Level” is ALWAYS ready to go when it comes to music, and he brings everyone he meets along for the ride. Spontaneous performances during his radio show is not an uncommon thing for his guests, and I have done it several times myself, including here:

More: Watch videos from my interview on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13
Watch “Our Love” live on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13

Special thanks to “The Next Level”
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“Our Love” LIVE on The Next Level TV Show!

Me performing “Our Love” LIVE in the KCRH Radio Booth, 7/28/13
Another spontaneous performance! With The Next Level, it’s always go time… and here it was again, the third of three songs I performed right there during my recent interview on “The Next Level Radio Show” in Hayward, CA:

More: Watch videos from my interview on the Next Level TV show, 7/28/13
Watch “Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV, 7/28/13

Special thanks to “The Next Level”
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“We Are Unbreakable” – (video) the Rap song that Rocks!

A couple of years ago I had the fortune of being involved in a CD project with 9 other professional musicians from around the world. The end result was “Eclipse: A International Collection of Artists.” For this project I co-wrote a song with my good friend and collaborator Josh Wolfer. The end result was “We Are Unbreakable,” my first rock-rap song and a song that truly rocks in my opinion thanks to Josh Wolfer’s excellent production.

“We Are Unbreakable”
by Chris Goslow and Josh Wolfer

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Recording my Piano Improvisations

They say a good woman is a great thing for a man, and I have to agree on so many levels. Among the many, many other great things my woman has done for me, one is to encourage me to record my piano improvisations. I remember how it started: Back when we were dating, I was sitting the keyboard at her place (now our place), and just making up music. She surprised me by saying, “You should record that!” This inspired me, and eventually that is what I did. Though these recordings are a bit raw in quality, they capture my musical thoughts, and that’s what I wanted to share with you:

1. “Improvising using Radio Head’s ‘Creep’ as a theme”
For this one, I had just returned from a show down the street in Sacramento, and I was very inspired by having talked to the lead singer of the band and just generally feeling inspired. It was probably about midnight by then, and I sat down at the piano, and this is what came out. Actually, I believe I improvised on this theme for several minutes before I thought to record it. Enjoy…

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What’s in a Name? My Musical Journey from Rap to Piano and Back

Back in 2004,  I made up my mind that I was going to become a rapper.   Actually, it started with the idea of doing a rap album.   I had really no idea what that would entail, and was largely ignorant of rap to be honest, as well as totally ignorant of recording music and even of songwriting, which I had never done.  In fact, I was largely ignorant of contemporary commercial music of most kinds, since I had spent much of the previous nine years of my life listening to and playing only classical music.  Yet I was determined, and so I began. Continue reading

“Tickled Pink” LIVE (Yes, My Wedding)

Last year I got married on February 11th. As a special addition to the wedding, both me and my wife each sang songs we wrote for each other. I sang this song with the help of my brother Jonas (guitar/voice) and my buddy Josh Wolfer (voice). This one is dedicated to my wife Charr.

“Tickled Pink”

So I messed up, yes I did
And acted like i was just a dumb ass kid
And it upset you bad when I took it to the edge
so now I’m gonna make a new pledge:
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