“Our Love” LIVE on The Next Level TV Show!

Me performing “Our Love” LIVE in the KCRH Radio Booth, 7/28/13
Another spontaneous performance! With The Next Level, it’s always go time… and here it was again, the third of three songs I performed right there during my recent interview on “The Next Level Radio Show” in Hayward, CA:

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Watch “Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV, 7/28/13

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“We Are Unbreakable” – (video) the Rap song that Rocks!

A couple of years ago I had the fortune of being involved in a CD project with 9 other professional musicians from around the world. The end result was “Eclipse: A International Collection of Artists.” For this project I co-wrote a song with my good friend and collaborator Josh Wolfer. The end result was “We Are Unbreakable,” my first rock-rap song and a song that truly rocks in my opinion thanks to Josh Wolfer’s excellent production.

“We Are Unbreakable”
by Chris Goslow and Josh Wolfer

What am I pushing against? Nothing but wood on this fence.

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What’s in a Name? My Musical Journey from Rap to Piano and Back

Back in 2004,  I made up my mind that I was going to become a rapper.   Actually, it started with the idea of doing a rap album.   I had really no idea what that would entail, and was largely ignorant of rap to be honest, as well as totally ignorant of recording music and even of songwriting, which I had never done.  In fact, I was largely ignorant of contemporary commercial music of most kinds, since I had spent much of the previous nine years of my life listening to and playing only classical music.  Yet I was determined, and so I began.

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