Brothers on Stage! Me and my Bro Performing (Live VIDEO)

Last month my brother, Jonas Goslow, performed with me onstage for an event in Rocklin, Ca. This was significant because although we are both professional performers and ALWAYS play music at home when we get together, we had NEVER performed together onstage since grade school (!) (That is, with the exception of some impromptu performances we did while traveling in South Africa, England, and Ireland in 2011).

Chris Goslow and band April 12 2014
The band (left to right) Damian Chambers (drums), Michael Falsetto (guitar), Chris Goslow (vox/keys), Jonas Goslow (vox). Photo by Charr Crail. 4/12/14 Rocklin, CA

My brother is also a fantastic songwriter in his own right (visit his website) and a great singer (he performs the

vocals on my song “You’re My Lover So Come On Over” from my album “I Love You“). In fact, he has a lot of skills as an artist that I really admire and that complement my own!

Here is a video of our performance of my song “Superhero” (edited):

A video featuring us singing together, with excerpts of several of my songs (Superhero, Tickled Pink, My Life Upon the Keys, and You’re My Lover So Come On Over):

Special thanks to Damian Chambers on drums and Michael Falsetto on guitar.  Also, my mom and dad for the fine video footage 🙂

Thanks also goes out to Curtis Hildebrand and Sunny Dragon Studios for hosting the event and having us there.

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