Back to My Bay Area Roots: Hanging in the East Bay with “The Next Level”

A couple of days ago I went back to the Bay Area, CA, where I lived most of my life before coming to Sacramento. During this visit I hung out with my good friend and fellow artist Allan Samson aka “The Next Level.” “The Next Level” is just about the most energetic and lively person I have ever known. He also is a real powerhouse of constant enthusiasm to work on music, as well as a force to be reckoned with in the Bay Area independent music scene. In addition to shooting for a new music video, I visited his radio show “The Next Level Radio” at KCRH Radio in Hayward, where we did an interview and also had fun shooting some impromptu videos. In usual The Next Level fashion, within 24 hours nine (!) new videos appeared on The Next Level’s youtube channel. Here are some of them for you to enjoy:

Interview (Part 1) on “The Next Level Radio” 7/28/13
During this excerpt I talk about meeting and collaborating with Allan Samson aka “The Next Level,”  and the origin of my album “I Love You:”

(See the rest of the interview below)

My Commercial for “I Love You” 7/28/13
For his interviews, Allan characteristically has the artists do some kind of commercial which includes bringing up both his show and KCRH radio.  I had fun with this one and got to show my album on video:

Of course, as if doing an interview, a commercial, and playing my entire album on air weren’t enough, The Next Level also had me perform three of my songs and video taped those as well! Watch:
Snuggle Bunny” LIVE on the Next Level TV Show, 7/28/13

“Our Love” LIVE on The Next Level TV Show, 7/28/13

For those who are interested, here are the other three parts from my interview with The Next Level. I tried to give a good description of the main topics we discussed for each:

Interview (Part 2) on “The Next Level Radio” 7/28/13
In this segment, I tell the story of how I came up with the title for my new album. I also talk about recent adventures from our “Thank You Baby” music video shoot:

Interview (Part 3) on “The Next Level Radio” 7/28/13
Here I discuss the first four songs from “I Love You” as well as my piano teaching studio:

Interview (Part 4) on “The Next Level Radio” 7/28/13
Here I talk about the last four songs from “I Love You,” my future music plans, the Journey Tribute Band I play in, and more:

Special thanks to “The Next Level”
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