About Rapera Finale Part 1

Note: For a complete update on the original Rapera scene, please see the earlier video on “philosophy of Rapera” entries on this blog!

The following scene of “Rapera” begins nearly ten months later. Humanity has been deeply affected for the better by the Youth’s noble stand for cooperation and people working together. People are now cooperating in ways they never were before, and there is a general spirit of optimism and hope that humanity has never seen before. At there same time, there is concern about the fate of humankind at the hands of the Gods, who previously threatened to destroy the Earth if humans did not learn to cooperate. In this atmosphere, all gather together to witness a solar eclipse that is about to occur at the decisive moment when all will know whether the Earth will spared… or be destroyed. And at the height of humanity’s hope, a horrible event takes place which threatens all the progress that humans have made, and threatens to condemn live on Earth to nothingness…

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