About Chris Goslow

About Chris Goslow - Photography © Charr Crail www.charrcrail.com
Photography © Charr Crail www.charrcrail.com

“The indie world is a vast terrain of forgettable names trying to resist the status quo while sometimes ironically falling into conformity with certain movements. But Chris Goslow stands out because he certainly is not trying to fit into any prefabricated mold or subgroup. By blazing his own trail he has the opportunity of creating his own niche, which is the precise key to success in the internet era.”
–Alex Cosper, Sacramento Press

Multi-faceted music artist Chris Goslow has a unique background and a broad musical reach. Hailing from Northern California, Chris grew up inspired by music he heard around him, from musical theater to film music and music on the radio. Ever since, Chris has been a passionate creator of music and aims to inspire others with his creative example.

Chris is an active performer, songwriter and composer who, over the past several years, has delighted and inspired audiences at hundreds of shows with his creativity, versatility, and showmanship. In 2009 and 2010, Peninsula Teen Opera, a high school opera program, debuted Chris’s theatrical piece Rapera, which combined elements of classical music with rapped lyrics.

In 2010, Chris released his first album, Waterfall: Original Piano Music, an accessible and soothing collection of piano pieces that skillfully combine a classical sensibility with a contemporary feel.

In 2012, Chris expanded his versatility as a performer, including performing a Music at Noon concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Sacramento and working with Sacramento’s premier Journey Tribute Band “Departure.”

2013 marks the release of I Love You, Chris’s concept album about love which blends his diverse songwriting influences and features a talented ensemble of guest artists.

Chris Goslow also teaches piano. Learn more about Sacramento piano lessons.

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