Music at Noon 2016: The most eclectic show ever? (LIVE VIDEO)

Music at Noon 2016 show pic
Music at Noon, Feb 3, 2016 – Sacramento, CA

By all accounts, last month’s Music at Noon show in Sacramento was a big success:
the audience cheered, the show host, Brad, seemed very happy (He actually said
our show was “the most diverse” show he had ever had there!), and I pulled off
three challenging classical pieces as well as doing a bunch of original music
and even some standards, joined by singer Danielle Wachowski and flutist
Caleb Hathaway.

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Sing Joyfully for Christmas (Original Christmas Song)

“Sing Joyfully for Christmas” is an original holiday carol I wrote a few months ago. I conceived of this as a straight-forward, fun, classic Christmas carol. In this recording, I sing it solo at the piano… yet I wrote the music for at least two voices, imagining a choir singing it. Maybe some day one will!

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My mom’s Southwest trip for her new novel “Spiral” (Watch video)

My mom, Margaret C. Murray, is a novelist. A few years back she published her first novel,, a novel that alternately takes place both in modern day Silicon Valley and ancient Anasazi Native American times. Her new novel, “Spiral,” due to be released soon, is also set in the Ancient Anasazi world in the Four Corners area of the United States. Last year, my mom traveled to Colorado to research (and get inspiration) for her novel. In the past few weeks, I gathered pictures she had taken from her trip into a video slideshow. In addition, I composed a piece of music for the occasion. The result is the video below. I hope you enjoy it…

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“Flower Child” Music Video

Here is the music video for my new track “Flower Child,” which we created by putting together footage of friends and family. Thank you to everyone who participated in making this video happen.

“Flower Child”
featuring Cory Norris
by Chris Goslow
mixed by Josh Wolfer

Baby You
Got those baby blues
That every day I choose!

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Be Part of the “Flower Child” Fan Video!




1) Download your copy of “Flower Child” FREE right here: [purchase_link id=”1822″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”Your Flower Child Fan Copy”] (By downloading my song you are agreeing to be added to my mailing list. Note: I will not share your information with anyone.)


2) Grab a loved one or two (human or otherwise…cats, dogs, gerbils are fine too), use your cell phone, and video record yourself enjoying the song Flower Child (30 seconds or less please- see below for more guidelines).

3) Upload your video onto your Youtube page, or to a storage service such as Dropbox.

4) Email the link to your video to NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH, 2015.

Copy and paste the following text to the email, and answer each question:
Your name:
Your email:
Your phone #:
Are you: singing? or no singing?

(Your information won’t be shared. This is in case your footage is selected for the video and we need to contact you).


The following are great for the “Flower Child” fan video:

You alone or you with anyone you want— your GF, BF, BFF, wife, husband, kids, dogs and cats, grandparents, cousins, family tree… the more the merrier— singing, dancing, hugging, having a rollicking fun time while listening to the song Flower Child by Chris Goslow. Note: The footage doesn’t HAVE to contain the actual music to the song unless you are singing along. It is quite likely that the sound will be removed from the footage.

We are looking for fan footage appropriate for this upbeat love song: hugging or smiling with friends, family, your child or children, or you boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. Footage can include flowers, nice activities, or things or places you enjoy.

Recommended video length— 10-30 seconds Maximum.

iPhone, phone camera, or computer camera footage is FINE. Keep it simple and fun!

I am excited to see your footage!

Please note that by sending you the footage for use in the Flower Child Video:
—Chris Goslow has permission to use your footage now or in the future for marketing purposes.
—Chris Goslow has permission to edit or alter your video for use in this video or in any future videos in any way deemed suitable.

Flower Child